Charles Spurgeon, Speaking about Hope

The Sunday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is all about quotes. No commentary from me, no reflection, etc. Just a provocative or informative quote from a saint in church history.

Spurgeon Charles“Our God does not intend His people to be shipwrecked. However, we would be shipwrecked and lost if we could not be held fast in the hour of temptation. Beloved, if every wind of doctrine whirled you about at will, you would soon drift away from the truth as it is in Jesus and your faith would be shipwrecked. But you cost your Lord too much for Him to lose you. He bought you at too great a price and values you too much to see you broken to pieces on the rocks. Therefore, He has provided a glorious safeguard for you so that when Satan’s temptation, your own sinful nature, and the trials of the world attack you, hope may be the anchor of your soul, both sure and steadfast.”

– Charles Spurgeon in Finding Peace in Life’s Storms



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