Just In Case You Missed It – January 10-16, 2016

  1. Motherhood, Facebook Addiction, and Spiritual Sleepwalking” by Tony Reinke – Every mother needs to read this and make all of her “female mother friends” read it as well. Aspiring mothers should also consider the truth here.
  2. Teaching Our Children to Pray” by Tim Challies
  3. Giving Your Pastor Sermon Feedback” by Erik Raymond (The Gospel Coalition) – I would love for everyone who attends WBC to read this article and use it to edify and build me up.
  4. The End of a Remarkable Writing and Speaking Ministry: an Update on J.I. Packer’s Health” by Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition) – Packer has macular degeneration in his right yet. Thus, he is no longer able to write or speak.
  5. Amusing 1-Star Reviews of Great Books” by Tim Challies – Not everyone loves the books you love. These references to 1-star reviews of some of the classics are kind of hilarious and sad. When you read them, you will probably want to pray for these reviewers.









































































































































































































































































































































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