Jesus Never Disappoints

The Monday feature of the Worldly Saints blog focuses on a story from the sports world – current or historic. The goal is one of the following: (1) either to recognize athletes who are using their sports and athletic abilities to further the kingdom of God or (2) to show how some athletes or teams are wasting their days by not giving God the glory or (3) to simply reflect on a story from the sports world from a Christian perspective.

5-11. That is the final record of my San Francisco 49ers. 5 wins and 11 losses. It was a dismal season that ended with our head coach getting fired yesterday. They were ranked #31 out of 32 teams in total offense. They lost all 7 of their road games this year. That’s disappointing.

Then there is my Los Angeles Lakers. Their current record stands at 8-27, which is 24 games behind the division leading Golden St. Warriors. One of the Laker losses came to the NBA’s worst team – the Philadelphia 76ers, who have won only 3 games this season. The Lakers will miss the playoffs again this season, which is amazing when you consider they have won 16 NBA championships, which is close to 25% of the total number of NBA Championships. They are disappointing.

Then there is my OU Sooners. We overachieved this year in football, winning the Big 12 title outright and getting the opportunity to play the Clemson Tigers in a playoff. Clemson came into the game ranked #1 in the nation. Over the weekend, we got man-handled just like we did last year by Clemson in a bowl game and were eliminated from contention. We are now in a 16-year drought of National Championships, which for OU fans is seriously disappointing.

during the 2015 Capital One Orange Bowl at Sun Life Stadium on December 31, 2015 in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Then, you have my San Francisco Giants. They don’t usually win the World Series unless it’s an even year (winning in 2010, 2012, and 2014), but 2015 was still a disappointment. I can take losing the division to any team except the Dodgers, and wouldn’t you know it, the Dodgers won the division. Disappointing.

Which of your favorite teams have ever disappointed you? Probably all of them. Every team and every player loses, misses a shot, drops a pass, etc. Disappointment is more common in sports than success.

When you enjoy watching sports, you get used to coming up short. You get used to not meeting all the expectations of a fan base. That is the nature of athletics. There are more losers than winners.

But, you know there is one who never disappoints. There is Someone who has never made an incorrect decision. There is Someone who has never had to re-think a strategy or will. There is Someone who will never lose a fight.

That Someone is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus will never let you down.

Just when we thought He would, it is really is who don’t see something clearly. When we think Jesus has failed us, it is because we fail to remember promises like Romans 8:28 or Lamentations 3:23-24.

Jesus never disappoints. He rewards. He blesses. He succeeds. He wins. He triumphs. He delights. Don’t depend on man for joy or reward; depend on Christ.


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