My Top 5 Christmas Songs on YouTube

The Thursday feature of the Worldly Saints blog will be sharing of a media clip (audio or video) that has either educated, equipped, provoked or entertained us in some way.


Everyone is making their 2015 lists on their blogs, and I have a few planned for later in the month, but today is my first list. Although, it is not a list with a theme of looking back on the year that is a few weeks from being complete, it is still an appropriately-themed list for this time of year.

For you “bah-humbuggers”, discontinue reading this blog for today, because today’s list is my “Top 9 Christmas Songs” (from YouTube).

#1 – “O Holy Night” by David Phelps

#2 “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” by Steven Curtis Chapman

#3 “Mary, Did You Know” by Jubilant Sykes

#4 “Joy to the World” by Chris Tomlin

#5 “O Come All Ye Faithful” by the Celtic Women




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