Jerry Bridges on Exercising Your Spiritual Gifts

The Sunday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is all about quotes. No commentary from me, no reflection, etc. Just a provocative or informative quote from a saint in church history.


Bridges Jerry“The person with the gift of teaching must study zealously to learn God’s truth and must then labor diligently to communicate it in a clear and inspiring manner. The person with the gift of service must strive to become competent and proficient in his particular area of service in order to ensure that the results of his labors reflect a standard of excellence that glorifies God. There is no place for either shoddy teaching or shoddy service in God’s kingdom. The believer with the gift of mercy must study how to use that gift in a way that best relieves the sufferings and miseries of others. The person who has the gift of leadership must study the principles of leadership in order to use that gift most effective, and then, as Paul said, he must govern diligently. Simply having a spiritual gift does not mean we can automatically fulfill out function in the Body without diligent effort.”

– Jerry Bridges in The Crisis of Caring


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