ACBC Conference on Homosexuality

The Thursday feature of the Worldly Saints blog will be sharing of a media clip (audio or video) that has either educated, equipped, provoked or entertained us in some way.

This week ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) is hosting their annual conference in Louisville, KY. Their theme is “Homosexuality: Compassion, Care, and Counsel for Struggling People.”

Soon (probably in the next week or so), the video of these sessions should be available, so I cannot share them now, but let me give you a taste of what will be available to stream.

  • Denny Burk, “Is Same-Sex Attraction Sinful?”
  • Rosaria Butterfield, “Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert”
  • Kevin Carson, “Counseling and Homosexuality: A Case Study”
  • Robert Jones, “Compassion, Care, and Counsel for Families Broken by Homosexuality”
  • Heath Lambert, “One Sinner to Another: How the Church Must Speak About Homosexuality:
  • Al Mohler, “Clarity in the Midst of Confusion: The Ethics of Homosexuality and the Gospel of Grace”
  • Stuart Scott, “Change from the Outside In, Then Inside Out: The Possibility of Sexual Purity”
  • Bill Winton, “What If My Child Says They Are Gay? Counsel for Parents”

Go here to watch the overview of the conference.


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