The Names of God – ESV Style

The Friday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is an opportunity for blogging about anything. Unlike the other days of prescribed themes, this day is for blogging about an issue that I couldn’t fit anywhere else or couldn’t wait until next week to write.


I recently completed reading through the Bible, which has been a practice of mine since I began reading. My parents got me reading the Bible even before I was a Christian. At times, I remember reading through the Bible in a year and at others times I read more or less during the calendar year.

Usually when I read through the Bible, I have a project I challenge myself to. I don’t like to read it “just for the sake of reading it.”

God Infographic

The latest Bible-read-through project was to record every name for God I could find. Using the ESV, here are the 291 names for God I found.

  • Abba, Almighty, Alpha, Amen, Ancient of Days, Angel of the Lord, Anointed, Apostle, Author of Life, Awesome God
  • Banner, Beginning, Beloved, Beloved Son, Branch, Branch of the Lord, Bread of Life, Bride, Bridegroom, Bright Morning Star, Builder
  • Chosen One, Christ, Christ Jesus, Christ of God, Christ Jesus Our Lord, Christ Jesus Our Savior, Cornerstone, Creator, Creator of Israel
  • Deliverer, Descendant of David, Destroyer, Door, Door of the Sheep
  • End, Everlasting Father, Everlasting God, Everlasting King
  • Faithful Witness, Faithful, Faithful God, Father, Father of Compassion, Father of the Fatherless, Father of Glory, Father of Lights, Fear of Isaac, First, Firstborn, Firstborn from (of) the Dead, Fortress, Founder, Fountain of Living Water
  • Glory of Israel, God of Abraham, God of All the Clans of Israel, God Almighty, God Most High, God My King, God My Maker, God My Savior, God of Abraham, God of All Comfort, God of Bethel, God of Earth, God of Faithfulness, God of Glory, God of Gods, God of Heaven, God of His Ancestors, God of Hosts, God of Isaac, God of Israel, God of Jacob, God of Justice, God of the Living, God of Knowledge, God of My Fathers, God of My Righteousness, God of My Salvation, God of Nahor, God of Our Ancestors, God of Our Fathers, God of Our Salvation, God of Peace, God of Salvation, God of Seeing, God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, God of Shem, God of the Armies of Israel, God of the Spirits of All Flesh, God of the Whole Earth, God of Their Fathers, God of This Age, God of Vengeance, God of Your Ancestors, God of Your Father David, God of Your Fathers, God Our Father, God Our Savior, God Our Strength, God Over Israel, God the Father, God the Lord, Godly One, Good Shepherd, Good Teacher, Great, Great God, Great King, Great Shepherd of the Sheep
  • Head, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Man, Help, Helper, High God, High Priest, Holy, Holy Father, Holy God, Holy One, Holy One of God, Holy One of Israel, Holy One of Jacob, Holy and Righteous One, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit of God, Hope, Hope of Israel, Horn of Salvation
  • I Am, Immanuel, Israel’s God
  • Jealous, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Jesus Christ our Lord, Jesus of Nazareth, Judge, Judge of All
  • Keeper, King, King of Glory, King of Israel, King of Kings, King of the Ages, King of the Jews, King of the Nations
  • Lamb of God, Lamp, Last, Last Adam, Lawgiver, Leader, Life, Light, Light of Israel, Light of the World, Lily of the Valleys, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Living God, Living One, Lord, Lord Almighty, Lord God, Lord God of Hosts, Lord God of Israel, Lord His God, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord My God, Lord of All the Earth, Lord of Glory, Lord of Heaven and Earth, Lord of Hosts, Lord of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lord of the Sabbath, Lord Our God, Lord Their God, Lord Your God, Lord Your Savior, Lord’s Christ
  • Majestic Glory, Majesty, Maker, Master, Master of the House, Mediator, Messenger, Messiah, Mighty God, Mighty One, Mighty One of Israel, Mighty One of Jacob, Most High, Most High God, Most Holy
  • Name
  • One, One of Sinai, Omega, Overseer
  • Passover Lamb, Perfector of Our Faith, Physician, Portion, Possessor of Heaven and Earth, Power, Presence, Prince of Peace, Prince of Princes, Protector of Widows
  • Rabbi, Redeemer, Redeemer of Israel, Refuge, Resurrection, Revealer of Mysteries, Righteous Branch, Righteous Father, Righteous Judge, Righteous One, Righteousness, Rock, Rock of Israel, Rock of My Salvation, Root, Root of David, Root of Jesse, Rose of Sharon, Ruler, Ruler of Kings
  • Salvation, Savior, Savior Christ Jesus, Savior Jesus Christ, Savior of All People, Savior of the World, Servant, Shade, Shepherd, Shepherd of Israel, Shield, Son, Son of Abraham, Son of the Blessed, Son of David, Son of God, Son of Joseph, Son of Man, Son of the Living God, Son of the Most High, Son of the Most High God, Song, Sovereign Lord, Spirit, Spirit of Christ, Spirit of Glory, Spirit of God, Spirit of Grace, Spirit of Jesus, Spirit of Jesus Christ, Spirit of the Living God, Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of the Sovereign Lord, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, Spirit of Your Father, Strength, Strong Refuge, Stronghold, Sun, Sun of Righteousness, Support
  • Teacher, True, True God, True Light, True One, True Vine, Truth
  • Vinedresser
  • Way, Wonderful Counselor, Word, Word of God, Word of Life



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