Preaching Lists

The Friday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is an opportunity for blogging about anything. Unlike the other days of prescribed themes, this day is for blogging about an issue that I couldn’t fit anywhere else or couldn’t wait until next week to write.


I am committed to preaching expositionally through books of the Bible.

There have been times I have diverted from that form of preaching to do topical studies or even biographical sermons, but the usual diet for the people in my congregation is expositional teaching through books of the Bible.

The Lord has been gracious to give me an opportunity to preach a fair amount of sermons since I graduated from seminary in 2002 and even a good amount before seminary was completed.

This morning, I was reflecting on what I have preached and what I am yet to preach and thought it might be fun to make a few “Top 10” lists.

So here goes …

Top 10 Books I Enjoyed Preaching Through

  1. Psalms – the most profitable study to this date in my preaching career
  2. Daniel – the only book I have preached through 3 different times
  3. I John – harder to outline that I could ever imagine, but so beneficial in content
  4. Jonah – the most relatable book to my own spiritual walk than any other book I have preached
  5. Philemon – one of the most convicting studies any Christian can ever pursue: forgiveness
  6. John – the 1st Gospel I ever preached through
  7. Ruth – much more humor than I have ever expected from this study
  8. Jude – learned more about false teachers than I ever wanted to know
  9. Titus – learned so much ecclesiology in this study that helped prepare me for my current season of church ministry
  10. James – the 1st book I ever preached throughAs an aside to this list, when I finish preaching I Corinthians, which should be sometime early in 2016, it will probably get into the Top 5.

Here is another list …

Top 10 Books I Can’t Wait to Preach Through

  1. Luke – maybe the next book I preach
  2. Acts – if you preach Part 1 (Luke’s Gospel), you have to preach the sequel
  3. Deuteronomy – started this book in 2004 but only made through Ch. 16
  4. Philippians – who wouldn’t want to preach a book that produces joy?
  5. Ecclesiastes – going through an informal study of this one in a small group, but want to dig deeper at some point
  6. I Timothy – probably need to preach this sooner rather than later, as a young minister like Timothy
  7. II Timothy – see notes above
  8. Revelation – eschatology is an area I need considerable “stretching”
  9. Job – probably need to experience some deep-seated trials before I begin this one
  10. Hebrews – one of the more challenging books in the Bible, but all about Christ

Top 10 Books I May Never Get Asked to Preach

  1. Leviticus – not to many people looking for help on treating leprosy and treating mildew
  2. Jeremiah – the longest book (by verses) in the Bible
  3. Ezekiel – a lot of weird stuff in this book, huh?
  4. Zechariah – the longest of the Minor Prophets
  5. Esther – an easily forgotten study because it is the only book that doesn’t mention God
  6. Song of Solomon – too much awkwardness for people
  7. Mark – other 3 Gospels are almost always preferred
  8. Numbers – the name alone sounds a little like a book for mathematicians
  9. II John – too short and too close to Revelation, which people would rather hear
  10. III John – see notes above

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