Just What Do Pastors Do?

The Wednesday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is a Scriptural meditation whereby I take a verse or passage I have been pondering lately and seek to edify my readers with it’s promises, encouragements, warnings, rebukes, etc.


Every now and then I get asked, “Just what do you do all week?”

I appreciate the question, even though it makes me chuckle. I think there is a stereotype that pastors prepare sermons and play golf in whatever order they choose during the day.

But the question also come because people don’t know what pastors should do or what they are actually doing with their time each week.

So for today’s post, I don’t want to give any more commentary.

Below is a list of how I see the role of the pastor on a weekly basis. Here is what I get to do.

  1. Pastors guard the truth (I Tim 4:6-7; 6:20-21; II Tim 1:13-14; 2:1-2).
  2. Pastors preach and teach the Word (I Tim 4:13; II Tim 4:2).
  3. Pastors nourish the souls of those under their shepherding (Jer 23:1-4).
  4. Pastors lead by example with their life and character (I Tim 4:12; Heb 13:17; I Pet 5:2).
  5. Pastors serve as watchmen to protect their sheep from error, false teachers, societal danger, etc. (Acts 20:28-30).
  6. Pastors admonish the rebellious, comfort the downhearted, and are patient with everyone (I Cor 5; I Thess 5:14; Tit 3).
  7. Pastors teach younger men (Tit 2) and disciple as God allows (Matt 28:16-20).
  8. Pastors exemplify servant leadership to all (Phil 2).
  9. Pastors visit the sick (Jas 5:14), comfort the grieving (I Thess 4:13-17; 5:14) and care for widows (I Tim 5:3).
  10. Pastors do the work of an evangelist (II Tim 4:5).
  11. Pastors pray for the flock (Eph 6:18-20).
  12. Pastors train up other leaders (Acts 6:1-7; 13:1-3; II Tim 2:2).

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