The Triple Crown Race Between American Pharaoh and Secretariat

The Thursday feature of the Worldly Saints blog will be sharing of a media clip (audio or video) that has either educated, equipped, provoked or entertained us in some way.

Sports fans love to compare modern teams with teams from the past or modern athletes with athletes that no longer play. We like to debate who would win between Joe Montana’s 49ers or Bart Starr’s Green Bay Packers. We like to discuss whether Bobby Jones would beat Tiger Woods.

Recently, we got a bit of a glimpse into the possibility of comparing modern with the old.

Last week, a horse named American Pharaoh completed the Triple Crown in thoroughbred horse racing, winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. This was a feat that hadn’t occurred since the year after I was born – 1978 by a horse named Affirmed.

The famous horse Secretariat also won the Triple Crown in 1973, and the Wall Street Journal shows their videos side-by-side, as if they are racing, at Belmont.

The results: Secretariat would win by a “land-slide.”












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