Developing Leaders

The Tuesday feature of the Worldly Saints is all about reading. The post is meant to share some of my reflections from the latest book or magazine article or blog post I have or am reading. At times, I may post a book blurb (a wannabe book review) or recommend books to be read by others.


A few ago, we launched a leadership development ministry at our church (Wichita Bible Church) where each of our elders have sought out another man (young or old) at WBC who either has raw material for church leadership, is already “in development” to become one, or simply needs to be recognized for how he is already helping lead the church.

Our task is to go through Alexander Strauch’s book Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership and use the study guide that accompanies the book. The study guide is a 12-lesson tour of the book. I cannot express how excited I am about this initiative.

Personally, I am excited because there is always value in examining yourself (II Cor 13:5). I invite the opportunity to look closer (once again) at the qualification for an elder and question my own heart in each of them. I look forward to seeing where God has grown me, where I am still weak and how I can become a stronger example of godliness to others.

Biblical EldershipCorporately, I am thrilled for the opportunity to identify who these leaders in our church are and will be in the near future. I am anxious to find faithful men (II Tim 2:2), give them the doctrinal tools they need to equip people for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:12) and encourage them to serve the body of Christ.

Personally, I am ready to invest in my friends. I am ready to dig a little deeper into the hearts of those I serve with at WBC. I am hoping and praying for more transparency and accountability with men in our church.

Corporately, I am hopeful this will become a staple ministry at WBC where we are continually developing men for leadership – whether that be in the home, in the church, in the workplace or wherever God puts them.

This week, we consider the O.T. example of Job, who is the model of an O.T. elder. We will examine this righteous man who during the crucible of suffering never lost his faith and was reminded of one of the most truths about our God: He is sovereign.

Other lessons to come:

  • “Men of Sound Doctrine and Wisdom”
  • “The First Elder Appointments” and “Guarding Yourself”
  • “Protecting the Flock from False Teachers”
  • “Servant Leadership”
  • “Team Leadership”
  • “Qualified Leadership”
  • “Honoring and Disciplining Elders”
  • “Appointing Qualified Men”
  • “Shepherding God’s Flock God’s Way”
  • “Caring for the Poor and Praying for the Sick”
  • “Spiritual Watchmen, Male Leadership and Submission to Authority”

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