Is Wendy Alsup Talking About My Mom?

Wendy Alsup, who has a blog called “Practical Theology for Women”, has a blog post (cited below) entitled “For Moms, Former Moms and Wannabe Moms.” In the article, she raises a question many ask on Mother’s Day. What can we do to honor our Moms without upsetting other’s who aren’t moms or had bad examples of mom’s or the like>

Alsup sympathizes with this awkwardness, then makes a helpful, and very often, misplaced conclusion. She says,

“It is an age-old conundrum in humanity in general and Christianity in particular. How do you honor someone who has something good that you want too? How do you applaud the sacrifices of one without minimizing the suffering of the other? I don’t know exactly, but I do think there is an overarching principle that is helpful. Motherhood is not the greatest good for the Christian woman.”[1]

What a great point! For women, motherhood is not your ultimate identity. It is really being conformed to the image of Christ. To be a mom does not make you holier than someone else who is not a mom. She goes on to say,

“Being a mom exposes all the ways you are a sinner, not a saint. Not being a mom and wanting to be one does too. We may long to get pregnant, looking at motherhood from afar. God sanctifies us through that longing. We may lose a pregnancy or a child, and mourn the loss of our motherhood. God conforms us to Christ through that as well. We may have a brood of children of various ages, and heaven knows God roots sin out of our hearts that way. It’s all about the greatest good, being conformed to the image of Christ – reclaiming the image of God that he created us to bear through gospel grace. And God uses both the presence and the absence of children in the lives of his daughters as a primary tool of conforming us to Christ.”[2]

A woman’s highest calling is to be like Christ.

I am thankful to have such a Mom!

Happy Mother’s Dad, Mom!

Heck Susan





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