Book Review Blurb: Preaching With Accuracy

Book Ranking – 7 out of 10

The author of Preaching with Accuracy, Randal E. Pelton, subtitles his book “Finding Christ Centered Big Ideas for Biblical Preaching.” And when I first read the subtitle, I thought to myself, “That sounds like he might be synthesizing the ideas from the preaching books of Bryan Chapell and Haddon Robinson.”

And then, he hints at that very thing on pg. 13!

While I prefer both Chapell and Robinson’s books on preaching to this one written by Pelton, I do find his book to be a good resource – especially for someone looking for a “crash course” on the method of preaching. The highlights of this book are his ability to simplify the goal of preaching and the examples of crafting a sermon from a variety of passages.

My only criticism of the book is his lauding of Tim Keller as the primary example of biblical preaching. While I appreciate some of Keller’s writing, I do not find him to be a helpful model of preaching to any or all audiences. I appreciate Keller’s commitment to show the shadow of Christ and the Gospel in his sermons, but I believe him to be a preacher for a particular audience. I would prefer an example of preachers that are better received by broader audiences (e.g., Warren Wiersbe, John MacArthur, H,.A. Ironside, etc.) and still remain committed to the essentials of preaching that the author commends in this book.

I would commend this book to any aspiring preacher looking to gain experience or a seasoned preacher who needs to be reminded of the basics of preaching.

I also would like to thank Kregel Publications for giving me a copy of this book to read, review and apply to my current ministry.


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