Just In Case You Missed It – March 2-14, 2015

1. Paul Tripp has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. Hear his reaction.

2. Corporate worship is better than small group ministry. Jason Helopoulos explains why.

3. “What is expository preaching?” That is the question asked by Geoffrey Kirkland. Steve Lawson is the one answering the question. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

4. It is bad advice to tell someone, “Just follow your heart.”

5. While I do not agree thatthe practice of infant baptism is biblical, if you want to see one such defense of it, you can read Kevin DeYoung.

6. Should clapping be permissible in a conference setting? Or other forms of corporate worship. Carl Trueman weighs in.

7. Here are 22 benefits of meditation, according to Joel Beeke.



  1. Re: Item #6. I think the concern about when or when not to applaud (clapping) in Church or conference settings is for the most part much ado about nothing.
    To me, there are so many nuances to approbation that attempts to “codify” it become legalistic. For the most part, I have found the relatively few times people clap in Church or conferences to be appropriate and welcome. There are times when I believe it perfectly acceptable for a group of believers to acknowledge a sermon, speech or beautiful rendition of a song with applause. Frankly, most often it was welcomed with relief by me as it would have been strange to have left such in silence. Interestingly I recently witnessed applause in a funeral that was perfectly proper for that moment and reason it was given.
    We might also consider that a silent response to The Truth could be a quenching of The Holy Spirit…
    In that regard, I believe we can do disservice to a preacher or singer by not clapping or at least offering a chorus of “Amen” to let that person know they are on the right track. We should also consider applause may be The Holy Spirit speaking through the Congregation as a type of “Amen”.
    By saying this I am not calling for raucous behavior in Church but rather openness to a generally recognized form of non-verbal communication.
    I think it should be regarded as nothing but one of the many and varied ways God has given us to use to let others know how we feel.
    In a manner of speaking, it is no different than tears shed during a heartfelt service or meeting. No one would consider upbraiding a Brother or Sister for that.
    Jesus wept.
    Appropriate applause, raising hands in praise, tears, laughter, awe. They all have their place in Church because God gave these to us to use to express ourselves – our souls – but all in their proper moment. To know when that is… Well, that’s why He gives us Discernment!


    1. We are in agreement here. I find applause to be appropriate and a permissible, biblical response of worship and gratitude (Ps 47:1; 98:8; Isa 55:12). I just think it is interesting how many people I respect 9 – Iain Murray, John MacArthur, Carl Trueman – seem to be against it in a corporate worship setting.


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