Happy 14th Anniversary, Andrea

Andrea and II have been married to Andrea for 14 years – as of today. We were married in Monroe, WA on January 5 14 years ago today.

When birthdays or anniversaries come around, it is natural to look back on the time that has passed. But, today I thought I would do something different. Instead at looking back on the 14 years of marriage the Lord has given us, I thought I would look forward.

(No, I don’t have a time machine to go into the future.)

I want to blog about what I hope the Lord does in our next 14 years of marriage … and beyond that (Lord willing). So here are some random desires I pray the Lord accomplished through us.

I pray the Lord makes us a ministry couple for His service. It is tempting when you are a pastor to serve the body of Christ without your spouse at your side. But Andrea has giftedness and a love for people that I can learn from and grow in. Much like we never think of Aquila without Priscilla, I want Andrea and Charles to be a couple for the Lord’s work.

I pray that the Lord helps us love each other with more selflessness. If there is anything more sanctifying than marriage, I would like to know what it is. Marriage has a way of exposing the pride in your heart, doesn’t it? My hope is that we grow in our desire to serve each other. And to do so without hesitation or compulsion.

I pray that the Lord gives us more time together. One of the joys of moving to Wichita this year has been the availability of myself for more uninterrupted time at home with the boys and Andrea. I love coming home in the evenings and not having the pressure of my 2nd job to think about that night. Andrea and I have both talked recently about wanting to make more of a priority in our marriage to “go out” (aka date). So babysitters, prepare yourselves!

I pray that the Lord matures us in our parenting. Both of us are thankful for our three boys and the joy they bring into our life. But with aging children comes more and more serious conversations, helping them develop like skills, etc. The days will be soon be gone where we spend much of our time scolding them for spilling a drink on the carpet; those days will be replaced with giving them counsel on dating relationships or being a steward of their monies and other related conversations.

There are certainly more things that could be said, and I am sure Andrea would add to this list with much more eloquence than I.

I love Andrea and cannot imagine not having her as a partner for life.

Happy Anniversary, wifey!



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