Heck Advent – Night 14

Why did Jesus have to be born? Ever thought of that? If Jesus was God, why didn’t He just come to earth and die right away? Why couldn’t He have just been executed as a baby? Wasn’t He already perfect? Why go through the “trouble” of being birthed? Why live a full life? These were the questions we asked our kids tonight as we came to the subject of Jesus’ actual birth.

I admit, when I asked them these questions, I wasn’t sure they would be able to come up with the answer on their own. So I was ready to lead them as much as possible to the answer. However, Jackson did surprise me when he brought up the need for a perfect sacrifice to atone for sin.

And that got us on the right track.

After reading Matthew 1:18-25, we dealt with the above-asked questions. In short, the reason Jesus had to be born wasn’t so much about prophecies. The reason Jesus had to go through being born was so that His humanity would be quickly proven. And He needed to be human so He could live a full life (since He died in his 30’s). And He lived a full life of perfect obedience so that when Jesus went to the cross, His body would be sufficient.

Yes, He had to be born. He had to be born to begin His life as a human so He might go to the cross to pay for sin. He was born to die.

Sunrise Christmas Card

Our Activity – Our church, Wichita Bible Church (WBC), was hosting Sunrise Christian Academy’s Christmas Concert tonight. The concert was entitled “Light from Heaven: We Are Not Alone.” It was put on by the Junior and Senior High music department(s) of that local private school and their director is one of our own at WBC – Cathy Grendahl. The 2+ hour show of Christmas songs from around the world excited us as we celebrated our Savior’s birth.


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