Heck Advent – Nights 8 and 9

Luke 1:29-38 and 46-55 was the object of our Heck Advent this evening. What was originally designed to be two lessons, we wrapped into one so that we might catch up from being one night behind.

We spent a few minutes reviewing the importance of the Davidic promise (II Sam 7) as it related to the coming Messiah and how God provided two genealogies in the Gospels (Matt 1; Luke 3) to validate the heritage of Jesus Christ.

We wanted the boys to see that the news Mary would receive from the angel was not new. Her descendants passed down the promise from their forefather David, and because she was in the family tree of David, it was something expected.

In fact, we imagined what the family gatherings and reunions must have been like over the years after David. We wondered if every time a baby was born if the family didn’t think, “I wonder if this is the One.”

But Mary didn’t have to wonder any longer. She got the news from God’s messenger that she would conceive a son to be named Jesus.

Her prayer (or Magnificat) was a reaction to this wonderful news. She praised God for His might, faithfulness, being a Savior, glory, mercy, omnipotence, holiness, provisions, etc. She was overcome with not only the blessing of having a child, but with the comfort of God being with her and promising to provide for her through this time of her life.

In vs. 48, Mary realized her unworthiness and sensed she about to receive a blessing that no one else would ever have. Unfortunately, some have taken that verse to an unintended application of thinking we ought to revere Mary in some way, but Mary would have none of it if she was alive today.

We focused on the theme of Mary’s reaction of prayer to this blessing given to her. We wanted the boys to see the opportunity we have to receive great things from God and not delay in thanking Him for them.

Kids Praying

Our Activity – We had each boy, Andrea and I think of one special gift that God has us in 2015 since moving to Wichita, KS. And then each of us spent a few minutes copying Mary’s example and expressing our gratitude to God in prayer for His provision. Ethan decided he would thank God for his teacher at the Community Bible Study he attends with Andrea. Josiah wanted to thank God for the real Christmas tree that was purchased for us from a new friend here in town. Jackson thought of thanking God for the neighbor boys that our boys have got to know, play with week, etc. Andrea sought to express her thanks to God for the new friends we have made in town and their regular encouragement to her walk with God. And I decided to thank God for bringing us to Wichita Bible Church to serve, grow and worship and for being faithful to answer our prayers for a new church home that began roughly two years ago.


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