Heck Advent – Night 3

The Fall. Sin.

No one really likes to talk about those subjects, but without them there is no need for a Savior. Without the bad news, there is no good news. And it makes the good news of Jesus and the Gospel that much sweeter.

As we approached our 3rd evening of Heck Advent we came to Genesis 3 and the story of Adam and Eve bringing sin into the world.

As we walked through this familiar story, we pointed out that sin is something we all do and enjoy doing because there are times that we think we know better than God. We think our way is better than His. And that ultimately is what led Eve to choose to disobey God and eat from that tree. She thought her way was better than God’s.

That is the action of sin – showing preference to our way over His.

When took note that when they (Adam and Eve) sinned, they were immediately ashamed. They knew what they did was not what God commanded and they were afraid and did what so many of us do – they hid. They tried to cover up their sin by their absence. They knew their God – that He was able to do anything (omnipotence) and would judge them for their disobedience.

So we walked our way through this story, but the focus wasn’t so much on the details of the crafty snake or the gullibility of Eve or the poor leadership of Adam, it was on the nature of sin.

I wanted the boys to understand that sin is “missing the mark.” It is not hitting the bulls-eye of obedience to God. We talked about how we are born sinners who cannot please God without being saved. We talk about how our lives with Jesus are always missing the mark and it is only when He comes our Lord and Savior that we can obey Him more regularly and bring Him great pleasure.

Our Activity – We started the evening out (even before we read Genesis 3) with an activity, where I gave each of the boys a straw and Q-tips and asked them to try to launch their Q-tips into a cup. The small green cup which you see in view in the video below was our main object. No one succeeded. I wanted them to sense the frustration of trying to hit their mark; I was hoping they would give up after not being able to get that Q-tip in the cup. I wanted them to think it was an impossible task. Mostly I wanted them to miss the mark and miss it often.


And really sin is just that frustrating. And especially without Christ. It is filled with missing the mark. And that is why Jesus was sent into the world – to free us from being enslaved from always missing the mark. And that is where all of this story is going in the days to come during our Heck Advent.


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