Advent 2014

Some of you who have been reading our blog for a few years know that two years ago (in 2012) we did what we called “Lego Advent.” This was a period of time beginning in early December up until Christmas Eve when we took the concept of Advent, adopted the practices and traditions for the Heck household, and implemented a “redeeming the time” daily activity for our family. What we did is this:

  1. Each day we had a biblical story to tell for 5-10 minutes. The stories built on one another, beginning with Creation (Gen 1) and ending with the Cross. Special emphasis was given to the coming of Jesus to earth and the “Christmas story.”
  2. Following the story that was told, we decided to memorialize it by building something from Legos. For example, when we talked about the shepherds in the field, we built sheep. Another time we talked about the promised God made to Noah following the follow, and we built an ark and rainbow.
  3. Then Andrea or I would summarize the story, the lessons, and post photos on our blog daily so others could follow along with us.

We got a lot of good feedback from our Lego Advent and I have even been encouraged by some to publicize our adventure in a formal way so other families could use it as a resource. Maybe someday we can do that.

So for 2014 …

We are going to return to the spirit of what we did in 2012 but with a new twist. Instead of creating Lego scenery or people or objects from our lessons, we are going to have a different activity every day. And yes, we will continue to blog about all of it.

Our plan is to start our Heck Advent 2014 tomorrow. And as a preview, tomorrow will be the one non-biblical lesson during this season as we talk about how non-Christians celebrate Christmas. For the next 20+ days, I will try to keep up with my normal blogging schedule and then add these Advent updates.

For any new readers of this blog since 2012, just keep checking in to what this is all about and you’ll figure it out sooner. (By the way, Go Sooners!)


P.S. If you want to read more about our Lego Advent from 2012, click on “Lego Advent” under the Archived Topics column on the left hand side of the homepage.


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