Martin Luther, the Diet of Worms

The Thursday feature of the Worldly Saints blog will be sharing of a video clip that has either educated or equipped or provoked or entertained us in some way.


Tomorrow, October 31, 2014 is Reformation Day. It is the day we commemorate Martin Luther’s writing to the Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg, where he protested the sale of indulgences. The day has become one in which we celebrate all of what the Reformation period did through the sovereignty of God.

You would do yourself a great service of watching “Luther” (released in 2003) starring Joseph Fiennes. The following video clip is a 9+ minute video from that movie where you see Luther appear before the Diet of Worms where he was asked to recant every writing he has published against the Roman Catholic Church.

It was this moment that perhaps defined the church more than any other outside of the Bible.


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