Growing Old Like my Grandpa and Billy Graham

The Tuesday feature of the Worldly Saints blog references something I have been reading lately. The post is meant to share some of my reflections from the latest book, magazine article or blog post I have or am reading.


Last week, my Grandpa left this world and graduated to be with His Lord. He spent about 96 years on earth, with many of them being used for the glory of God in full-time ministry. And as we held a memorial service for him this past Sunday, I was really encouraged by the testimonies shared about him and the impact of his life that was shared from former church members, family, close friends, etc. I knew my Grandpa and the impact he had on my life, but his life was so much bigger than investing in just me. In fact, he is probably in heaven with many other Christians who came to know the Lord because of his preaching or his living.

My Grandpa literally lived out my favorite Judaic proverb: a wise man spends his life in something that will outlast it.

Pack CharlesMen and women like my Grandpa are rare. And I love to see men and women who are in their older age(s) and still serving the Lord as strongly as they did when they first came to Christ. I love to see older people grow old with God. I love to see older people get sweeter, kinder, more Christlike, more passionate, more involved in the lives of others and more in love with God with each year they age. My Grandpa was that kind of individual.

Another man who seems to be walking that path is Billy Graham.

I have never been an avid reader of Billy Graham’s books and mainly have just watched his revival/crusade preaching on T.V. But in the last few years, it would hard to fine two books I was more blessed and encouraged to read than his Nearing Home and The Reason for My Hope. Both of these books have been published in the last few years and exemplify how I want to be thinking, writing, living and speaker when I am in my 90’s.Graham Billy

Today, I should finish reading The Reason for My Hope, which is simply an 184-page Gospel presentation. What I find so refreshing about Graham in this book and in his preaching is his remarkable simplicity. I never scratch my head trying to figure out why he made a certain conclusion. I never read a sentence and then think, “I don’t know if he knows what he is saying.” Graham speaks to the average person. You cannot get lost in his writing or preaching. I love his simplicity and accurate Gospel presentation in this book.

If you want to know how to grow old with God, I highly recommend you read Nearing Home and The Reason for My Hope. Both of these books will give you a template worthy of emulation.


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