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I’ve been a bit busy the last five days – hence my lack of blogging. When I got into starting a blog, I committed myself to attempt to blog four to five days per week, but I also determined it would not become a major priority at this time in my life as other areas of calling and responsibility take precedence.


So for today’s post instead of returning to my normal Tuesday subject, I thought I would repost my first blog on this site from November 28, 2012. In it contains the reason Andrea and I began the blog and what our goals are and why we chose this name for our website.


November 28, 2012

” I (Charles) have said for years that I would never blog. I don’t particularly enjoy writing and I often get in such a hurry with what I want to say that it comes out sloppy and not well thought out. My wife (Andrea) is the writer. She’s the grammarian. She’s the one who wears the intelligent pants in the family.

However, here we are. We have launched a blog together. Why?

Well, the primary reason for our blogging is included in the blog’s title – “Worldly Saints.” Those who’ve done some reading in church history may recognize that phrase from a book written by Dr. Leland Ryken of Wheaton College. In it, Ryken deals with various Puritan views on subjects like work, sex, leisure, etc. Others probably see that blog title and think, “That’s an oxymoron. Isn’t worldliness a sin? How can someone who is striving to be holy actually be worldly?”

Clearly some clarification is needed. Both the terms “worldly” and “saints” are often used loosely. But the basic premise behind our blog is this: As those who have been redeemed by God and who strive to worship Him in every activity of life (I Cor 10:31), we are “saints.” But as citizens of heaven (Phil 3:20) who are still dwellers on earth, we are “worldly” – in the sense that we live here in the world and not yet with Him in heaven. We are worldly – earthly — saints.

We want each and every thing we do to be an act of worship. We want to drink our coffee (Andrea’s preference) and drink our tea (Charles’ preference) for God’s glory. We want to worship God as we get ourselves ready for the day. We want God to be magnified in those early morning and late night conversations. We want God to be honored when we cheer on our favorite sports teams (e.g., Niners, Seahawks, Giants, Mariners, Sooners, Lakers). We want to – as Brother Lawrence once wrote – practice His presence by always worshipping Him. We want every moment and every sphere of life to matter for His glory.

We don’t always succeed in these endeavors – and we won’t — but it is our goal to strive to worship Him both in the mundane things of life as well as in the serious and sober.

We are worldly saints, and this blog is dedicated to demonstrating that God can be magnified in all things. We will use our God-centered worldview as we write about current news, sports, conversations with our children, Bible studies, sermonettes, mentoring others, our vocation, theological or philosophical debates, etc. We don’t want a single blog post to be wasted or without purpose.


Enjoy the blog, and whether you eat or drink, do it for God’s glory.”




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