Happy Memorial Day

Today is a day set aside in our country when we remember those who have fought, bled, protected and even died for our freedoms and quality of life. It is a day among other days when we acknowledge one of God’s many graces: His provision of freedom in our country.

I want to personally thank the people in my life who have been a part of that freedom-fighting and freedom-fighting. Most military personnel I have been acquainted with in my life are still alive. Some of theme are actively defending; others are reaping the benefits of retired life; and still others are still suffering from injuries or other forms of trauma they received during their service.

Thank you for loving the rest of us. Thank you for defending us. Thank you for preserving our quality of life. Your sacrifice gives us another living, breathing example of what Jesus did for all of us.

In commemoration of this day, I encourage you to watch the following video montage put together by ESPN. It is a collection of videos of fathers and sons coming back from serving in the military and being re-united with their families.

Before you watch it, grab some Kleenex. You’re going to need it!


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