Happy 61st BD, Dad!

Normally on Mondays, I blog about a recent event in the world of sports and attempt to look at it from a Christian perspective. And I was very tempted to comment about Bubba Watson winning his second “green jacket” in three years at The Masters and look at his profession of faith.

But instead I thought I would honor my Dad who celebrated his 61st BD yesterday.

I am not sure anyone could brag more about their father than me. One of my favorite attributes that my father possesses is this: I can never remember a time in my life where he was not available to me for counsel, play, etc. My Dad has always made himself accessible to me and at often initiates the contact. In fact, there were times my friends growing up would observe and tell me it was obvious my Dad wanted to be an active part of my life because he was always there for us.

And having a father who loves God more than anything or anyone else makes him a desirable person to be with. So much of my life and thinking is modeled after his own and I am often thankful as I ponder how God has used him as my Dad, as a father-in-law to Annie and not a Grandpa to our three children.

Happy 61st BD Dad!

As a BD present to him, Andrea, Jackson, Josiah, Ethan and I got together and made this silly video for him as a “birthday card” to be viewed last night at a surprise party for Him. Hope you have fun watching it!


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