R.C. Sproul Jr. on Bill Gothard, Fred Phelps and Mark Driscoll

The Friday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is all about quotes. No commentary from me, no reflection, etc. Just a provocative or informative quote from a saint in church history.


“The problem is that just as everything looks like a nail to a man with a hammer, once we let in our hunger for hits and comments and retweets we begin to look at the world, and our lives as fodder. Soon we find ourselves not talking about Jesus, and all He has done for us and is doing in us, because who would want to read that, but talking about all the buzz at Westboro Baptist, Mars Hill and the Institute of Basic Life Principles. To find something to say about the stories of the day we surf the interwebs reading what others have to say about the stories of the day. Which in turn feeds the same beast, and what we have is an information, sometimes misinformation, bubble.”

– R.C. Sproul Jr. from his article posted March 26, 2014 entitled “Phelps, Driscoll, and Gothard”


I highly encourage you to read the rest of this brief blog post.




  1. Dear Charles and Giddy,

    For me, I humbly disagree on R. C. Sproul here. These three men (i.e., Gothard, Phelps and Driscoll) have all contributed to a mocking of the name of Christ. Unless the Church begins to censor sinful and errant among them, we will continue to tolerate abuses like this. The issue isn’t “either/or” i.e., either we talk about the wrong these men have done or we look at our own sins – the issue is “both/and” i.e., we should with vigilance in the public forum censor both them and lament our own sins. Sorry R. C., I’m not supportive of your blog this time.




    1. I don’t believe Sproul is saying we shouldn’t talk about it. He is calling for more balance from Christians who would spend far too much time and energy studying these events and stories at the expense of other Christian responsibilities. There are far too many people who neglect the basic disciplines of grace and the practice of the “one anothers” in favor of reading blogs and discussion forums on Christian news stories like these. I appreciate his calling for balance.


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