Twelve Days of Christmas – Gene Autry’s “Rudolph”

For those of you “followers” who have been with this blog since the last Christmas season, you might remember that we had an Advent time based around Legos. Each day, we taught a portion of the Christmas story to our children, built something from Legos that represented that story and then blogged about it.

With the craziness of the 2013 holiday season – packing a house, selling a house, preparing for our new home and ministry in Wichita, etc. – we just haven’t had any time to re-duplicate the magic for this year.

So instead, I am going to do a series entitled “Twelve days of Christmas Songs” beginning today until Christmas morning. Each day I will give you one of my favorite Christmas songs (including the artist or rendition) I like the most. You might get a little history behind the song or a personal story for why the song means to me and then you will be able to enjoy it for yourself.

There will we sacred and secular songs in this mix – so everyone should enjoy it.

#12 – “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” by Gene Autry

I mean, come on! If you don’t have Autry and the artist who will appear on Day 6, your Christmas song list is irrelevant!

I remember this as one of my favorite Christmas songs as a child! Enjoy!


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