Why Jesus Died – (49) To Be Crowned with Glory and Honor and (50) To Show the Worst Evil Is Meant by God for Good

John Piper has written a short book called The Passion of Jesus Christ. In it, he gives 50 reasons Jesus came to die. And we have been surveying those 50 reasons the last few weeks for our devotional benefit. Today is our final look and before we look at reasons #49 and #50, I wanted to show you where we have come so far.

Why did Jesus die? (1) To absorb the wrath of God, (2) To please His heavenly Father, (3) To learn obedience and be perfected, (4) To achieve His own resurrection from the dead, (5) To show the wealth of God’s love and grace for sinners, (6) To show His own love for us, (7) To cancel the legal demands of the law against us, (8) To become a ransom for many, (9) For the forgiveness of sins, (10) To provide the basis for our justification, (11) To complete the obedience that becomes our righteousness, (12) To take away our condemnation, (13) To abolish circumcision and all rituals as the basis of salvation, (14) To bring us to faith and keep us faithful, (15) To make us holy, blameless, and perfect, (16) To give us a clear conscience, (17) To obtain for us all things that are good for us, (18) To heal us from moral and physical sickness, (19) To give eternal life to all who believe on Him, (20) To deliver us from the present evil age, (21) To reconcile us to God, (22) To bring us to God, (23) So that we might belong to Him, (24) To give us confident access to the holiest place, (25) To become for us the place where we meet God, (26) To bring the O.T. priesthood to and end and become the eternal High Priest, (27) To become a sympathetic and helpful priest, (28) To free us from the futility of our ancestry, (29) To free us from the slavery of sin, (30) That we might die to sin and live to righteousness, (31) So that we might die to the law and bear fruit for God, (32) To enable us to live for Christ and not ourselves, (33) To make His cross to the ground of all our boasting, (34) To enable us to live by faith in Him, (35) To give marriage its deepest meaning, (36) To create a people passionate for good works, (37) To call us to follow His example of lowliness and costly love, (38) To create a band of crucified followers, (39) To free us from bondage to the fear of death, (40) So that we would be with Him immediately after death, (41) To secure our resurrection from the dead, (42) To disarm rulers and authorities, (43) To unleash the power of God in the Gospel, (44) To destroy the hostility between races, (45) To ransom people from every tribe and language and people and nation, (46) To gather all His sheep from around the world, (47) To rescue us from final judgment, (48) To gain His joy and ours,

49. So that we would be crowned with glory and honor (Phil 2:7-9; Heb 2:9; Rev 5:12) – The glory of Christ was His suffering (John 17:5). He died to attain it. Some people have concluded this is vain and egotistical to pursue such an end but such a purpose of bringing glory to another is the very purpose we were created for, Jesus loves us to crown us so that we might glorify Him.

50. To show that the worst evil is meant by God for good (Acts 4:27-28) – Only God could take something meant for evil and make it good (Gen 50:20). Only God could take the worst evil from a human standpoint – the crucifixion of one who never sinned – and make it make eternal purpose or impact for our benefit and His own glory.


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