Why Jesus Died – (47) To Rescue Us from Final Judgment and (48) To Gain Joy for All

Tomorrow is our last day to preview the 50 reasons Jesus came to die according to John Piper’s book The Passion of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow, I will put all 50 reasons down in one blog – to recap the entire series.

47. To rescue us from final judgment (Heb 9:28) – Salvation changes our past, present and future (Rom 13:11; I Cor 1:18; Eph 2:8). In the past, we were predestined to salvation; in the present, His salvation equips us to battle sin; in the future salvation will deliver us from final judgment. Jesus’ blood was enough; it was sufficient. It shields us from God’s future wrath.

48. To gain His joy and ours (Heb 12:2) – The path to a joyful life is a painful and hard one. It’s hard for us and it’s hard for Christ as it cost Him His very life!  And because His joy enabled Him to go to the cross, that same joy enables us to suffer with Him (Matt 5:11-12). If He didn’t die, we couldn’t experience true joy.


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