Why Jesus Died – (41) To Secure Our Resurrection from the Dead and (42) To Disarm Rulers and Authorities

Only 10 more reasons to consider for Jesus’ death from John Piper’s book The Passion of Jesus Christ.

41. To secure our righteousness from the dead (Rom 6:5; 8:11; II Tim 2:11) – Jesus rose from the dead and, thus, we shall also not see the sting of death if we know Him. We are not sentenced to everlasting death as those who reject Christ will be. While this point reflects more on His resurrection, He certainly had to die to even get in the tomb.

42. To disarm the rulers and authorities (Col 2:14-15; I  John 3:8) – Our enemies are supernatural; they are demonic powers that bring suffering in the world. And all of them met their match when Jesus died on the cross. They didn’t cease to exist because of the cross but we know final victory is guaranteed. They may win battles but God wins the war. Piper writes, “The legal case is closed. Christ is our righteousness. Our accuser is disarmed. If he tries to speak in the court of heaven, shame will cover his face … His promises are lies, and his power is stripped” (pg. 103).


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