Why Jesus Died – (29) To Free Us From Sin’s Slavery and (30) That We Might Live to Righteousness

The book I have been blogging about – The Passion of Jesus Christ: 50 Reasons Why He Came to Die – is selling right now on Amazon for $4.50. Skip that next meal at a fast food restaurant and feed your soul with this book instead.

Here are 2 more reasons Jesus died.

29. To free us from the slavery of sin (Heb 13:12; Rev 1:5-6) – Sin can ruin us in two ways: by making us guilty before God and under His condemnation and it also makes our behavior ugly so we disfigure the image of God that we were created in. Both of those miseries we are delivered from because of the cross! Piper writes, “In other words, rescue from the guilt of sin and the wrath of God had to precede rescue from the power of sin by the mercy of God. The crucial biblical words for saying this are: Justification precedes and secures sanctification” (pg. 77).

30. That we might die to sin and live to righteousness (I Pet 2:24) – When Jesus died, we died. We did not escape death just because He died in our place. We may skip eternal death, but we still died in our sin at the cross. And this was necessary if we are to live to His righteousness. He died so we may live. Dying to sin is equal to being a Christian.


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