Why Jesus Died – (19) To Give Eternal Life To Believers and (20) To Deliver Us From This Evil Age

Many have commented how much these short posts are helping them in their own meditations on the cross. I cannot take credit for them as I said from the beginning, they are all taken from John Piper’s book The Passion of Jesus Christ. In it, he shares 50 total reasons Jesus came to die and we are looking at each one briefly.

19. To give eternal life to all who believe on Him (John 3:16) – No one wants to die … unless they are trying to endure some unbearable pain. Death is our enemy because everyone want to go on living. And there is a way we can go on living. Eternal life in heaven is something offered to those who believe. The opposite of eternal life is eternal torment in hell. For this reason – and many others – Christ came do die: to offer us salvation from hell and eternal life with Him.

20. To deliver us from this present evil age (Gal 1:4) – Jesus’ death guarantees not that we will just be removed from this evil world but that we will be removed from the evil in this world. Jesus even prayed to the Father that we would be kept from the evil one while on earth (John 17:15), and we know ultimately we will. Piper writes, “Don’t follow a defeated foe. Follow Christ. It is costly. You will be an exile in this age. But you will be free” (Pg. 59).



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