Why Jesus Died – (17) To Obtain For Us All Good Things and (18) To Heal Us From Sickness

John Piper writes in his book The Passion of Jesus Christ that Jesus died …

17. To obtain for us all things that are good for us (Rom 8:32) – Since the Father was able to give the hardest thing of all – His Son – it is relatively easy to give all things with Him; that’s Romans 8:32. To give us all things is easier than to sacrifice His Own Son. What are these things He promises to give? Ease? Comfort? Safety? Absolutely not? The Father will give us all things that are good for us – all things we need to be conformed to Him (Rom 8:29; Phil 4:12-13, 19).

18. To heal us from moral and physical sickness (Isa 53:5; Matt 8:16-17) – Jesus’ death guarantees that all moral and physical sickness will one day be eradicated! Sickness is part of the curse and Jesus death met the judgment necessary for sin’s curse. All sickness – organic or not – will be done away with in eternity. No more cancer, bad knees, sore backs, deafness, blindness, diabetes, etc.


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