Why Jesus Died – (13) To Abolish Circumcision and Other Rituals and (14)

Once again, we look into Piper’s book The Passion of Jesus Christ: 50 Reasons Why He Came to Die.

13. To abolish circumcision and all rituals as the basis of salvation (Gal 5:11; 6:12) – As the Gospel began to make it’s way to the Gentiles, the practice of circumcision and other rituals entered the area of controversy. Some thought it to be essential (Acts 15:1) and so a council was called to discuss it (Acts 15:5-12). Paul reminds all of us that the power of cross is freedom from these types of rituals.

14. To bring us to faith and keep us faithful (Mark 14:24; Jer 32:40) – The old covenant was written on stone and the new covenant is written on hearts. The new covenant is more effective than the old covenant, because it capitalizes on the work of Christ on the cross. The key to this new covenant showing it’s worth is our own faithfulness. Piper writes, “When Christ dies, he secured for his people not only new hearts but new security. He will not let them turn from him. He will keep them. They will persevere. The blood of the covenant guarantees it” (pg. 47).


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